Knowing what to source has been key for me in order to become a six-figure reseller. No brand is "good" or "bad" on its own. It is all about style.

But research takes time & time is valuable, so save the time with info straight to your inbox!

Each week you will receive:

  • Four SPECIFIC styles that are selling the best within its own brand
  • Current available and sold listings
  • Analysis of the market
  • Price to lookout for

Styles and brands will range from what is more commonly found at a thrift store ($40 profit flips) to designer items found online ($100 profit flips). No matter how you source, you will gain knowledge on what to source in your environment. If you are trying to "work your way up", this will give you some ideas on how to do so!

The purpose of this newsletter is to show you the specific types of items you should look out for, but more importantly, get you exposed to the trends that are selling well and my strategies behind data analysis and pricing! The in-depth specifics that run through my brain when looking at items is not something I share a lot on my IG or YouTube.

PLUS, each month you will be entered to win a free inventory item! *must be subscribed past two months to win

This is for you if:

  • You do not have the time to do market research.
  • Identifying trends is a weak point of yours.
  • You want to start sourcing items that will bring in a bigger profit.
  • You want to know which styles and brands are better to source online.
  • You struggle with pricing items based off the true value of them.

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